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Allison Tinati, who paints under the moniker 'Hueman', grew up drawing and painting in Northern California, and received her degree in Design | Media Arts from UCLA. Whether she is creating delicate visions on canvas, or crushing massive walls with a spray can, she often draws on the human condition to create colorful mash-ups of the abstract and figurative, and the beautiful and grotesque. Hueman's unique freestyle process involves creating tightly refined compositions from a spontaneous beginning of paint splashes, drips, and sprays. Through this method she is interested in creating tactile dimension and motion on flat, two-dimensional surfaces.  Companies such as Nike, L’Oreal, Universal Pictures, Lionsgate Films, and MTV have all tapped Hueman for her bold-but-delicate unique style, and her layered works can be seen on public walls and in galleries worldwide.

Hueman was one of the main design and artistic collaboraters to Artthaus Studios.

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Charlie Edmiston                                                            


A Los Angeles native, Charlie started his career as a graffiti artist working in a variety of styles and mediums, including colorful hard-edge paintings, large-scale murals, and design graphics. While attending Otis College of Art and Design, Charlie expanded his work focusing on primarily geometric shapes, which formed the basis of his current abstract paintings. His multi-media works elicit strong emotional reactions because of his unique form and palette choices. His work portrays an exceptionally unique style and he is consistently working to expand and test new material bases to continue his one of a kind art form. Charlie’s use of vibrant colors embody the energy of L.A. along with the allure of Southern California. His distinctive style has gained international recognition. 

Charlie was one of the main design and artistic collaboraters to Artthaus Studios, showing his creative touch on each level of the building. 

Getting to Know: Los Angeles artist Charlie Edmiston


54 Ghosts                                       


Alex Hernandez also known as "Ghost" is an Oakland raised photographer who's photographic taste extends throughout the spectrum. His portfolio ranges from commercial, street, architecture and portrait photography. At 23, he's tackled jobs for companies like Oaklandish, Montana Colors, FourSquare, Chevrolet, 36 Chambers and Beastmode with collaborations with Oaklandish and The Golden State Warriors. 

Oaklandish Artist Spotlight Feature


Ross Peters Woodworking                                                       

Custom Furniture, Home decor

Fascinated by the things one can create with raw material, self taught woodworker Ross Peters has been creating custom pieces of furniture for the past four years. With a degree in mechanical engineering and after working an office job years following college, Ross decided to move onto a more creative path: woodwork. He now focuses on creating custom pieces and is turning his attention onto exclusive commissioned pieces with possible gallery appearances.